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Steve Summers

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Steve Summers

     There are many reasons people perform for audiences like I do. 

Let's be honest, some do it for their ego and the attention they get from an audience.  Some do it for the money and how many shows they can cram-in during a single year.  But for me, it's not about me and it's certainly non of the above. 

     Many who come to my shows end up having a personal connection to a song.  It could be a song that reminds them of the first time they met their husband or wife.  It could be a memory of a moment in time they forgot about that drew them back to a happier time. 


The most comments I get from people after a show is how certain songs reminded them of their husbands or wives and how they used to dance to the very songs I sang and how much that meant to them bringing them back.  As I sit and type this, I get a little teary eye'd because that's what being an entertainer should be, a personal connection.  That's why I'll never take for granted the gift God gave me and the parents who raised me to appreciate the music while understanding this incredible melody of life. 


With A Grateful Heart