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From Commercial, Documentary, Industrial and Motion Picture for Radio, Television and Film and even On-location LIVE award shows, after 20+ years in the business, you learn a few things along the way. 

Part of that longevity is paying attention to trends and changes in listening habits and how people take it in.  As a Voice Over guy, those trends and changes in the business include being as flexible as possible when it comes to delivering targeted, demographically placed Voice Over & Production. Our clients know that time is short and when it comes to making that impact, you have only one shot.  So whether it's a "Conversational/Guy Next Door" or a straight forward informative approach, I strive my best to give my clients exactly what they expect; a finished product ready for air. 


Reach out and let's talk about your next production.  

Steve Summers

We Love The Accolades! 

"Steve Summers is always our first choice for VO and Production work.  He requires little direction and usually nails it on the first try. 

It Makes our job easier to work with such talented and prompt professional"

                                   RND Strategic Marketing

"You're the best"!

                     Producer I McKay /Fox47 Television 

"Total pro!  Responsive and lightening never have to sacrifice quality even if you're in a pinch to get a project done. 

                               A Ledell/ Strategy Group

"Thank you!  That was quick!" 

                                          L. Settle / Mitchell Toyota


While delivery of Voice Over is obviously very important, having the right studio equipment to handle the job and the final product is mandatory.  While most studio's have a visually appealing look, most full-time Voice Over artists like myself have a daily working studio that doesn't require all that fluff and beauty.  My studio utilizes a 16 Channel Mackie board (one of the quietest studio boards today) along with quit twin monitors for reading and producing.  For VO, I have several Mics available to me like a Naumann TLM103, an RE20 and the most used Mic on my sessions, a Sennheiser MK416 Shotgun Mic. I use this Mic the most because of its ability to cut through the clutter with a more distinctive, understandable and clear sound when mixed with the final product.  And finally, the recording software itself.  While most studio's use Protools, we use a German engineered software called Samplitude Prox4.  It does the same exact work as Protools does without the cost.  We love it and have been using it for two decades now. 


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Looking for a quote or a sample? 

Feel free to reach out to me by filling out a simple form and tell me more about your production needs. 
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